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Day one was all about planning and preparing.

First I cleaned out my fridge: threw out anything that might throw me off track (be ruthless), chopped up all my random veg to use for dipping and snacking, made hummus, cleaned and chopped all my strawberries and saw what needed to be used up.

Then I planned my week of food over breakfast. This is easier since all my Peas & Love lunches are ready set – it takes some pressure off planning the week. Check out the menus here.

I usually have quite a large breakfast and lunch and try to eat less at dinner time. I always start my morning with a coffee,  I had a perfectly ripe avocado which only had a day left in it so I had that for breakfast – smashed on a brown bun with chilli flakes, then I had a smoothie (1 banana, 3 strawberries, spinach, almond milk, spirulina). So yes, lots of food at breakfast.

Then I hit the supermarket- I like to try and incorporate new ingredients or swap out old ones. I recently started having spirulina every day and found it incredibly effective.

So I topped up on:

Spirulina (I’ll include a whole post about this at a later date)

Apple Cider Vinegar – Great for digestion

Almond Milk- Slowly reducing my dairy intake

Turmeric Latte – Turmeric is another powerful superfood which I’ll expand on later

Baby Carrots to snack on (I ate 5 just taking the photo)

Farro Pasta – I’m a bit farro obsessed and comparing this pasta to normal integrale pasta – the dietary information is so much better. So bye, bye integrale.

Rye Bread – Instead of white or whole grain loaf. At least I still get to eat bread.

I was unlucky enough for day one to land on the eve of a public holiday so the temptation to go out for a few drinks was strong. I opted for tennis, followed by meeting my friends (for a bottle of water) for an hour- I could have killed for a glass of wine but I feel better this morning.

I snacked on hummus and veggies for dinner before my lesson and had a turmeric latte (with almond milk) before bed- now I’m gearing up for a run though all I really want is a pizza.

The struggle is real.