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I’m an I’ll start on Monday type of girl – does well till wednesday, gets lazy, slips up – starts again next Monday. With my 30th looming, I decided it was time to start today, to reach my goal to be fit by 30. The first step is an intensive 12 weeks to get in shape for summer.

I should point out that I’m not starting from zero – I jog a bit, play a bit of football, a bit of Tennis. I’ve only ever done it for fun and not to really get my body in shape and test my fitness. My business is also based around healthy eating so as you can imagine my diet is quite clean. I do enjoy my pizza and pasta but I rarely eat sweets, so what are the changes I plan to make?

Eat smaller portions – more often. The amount of food I can eat when I’m starving to death is quite incredible. Step one is stocking up on healthy snacks: almonds, baby carrots, hummus and celery or carrots.

Eat more Fibre – I’m not a fan of eating fruit but I recently started having a spirulina and fruit smoothie every morning and found that it has improved my metabolism fantastically. So MORE FIBRE.

More Water – I stopped drinking sugary drinks a few years ago (Ice-tea, Coca-cola, sprite, Kinnie and even juice- unless it’s freshly squeezed with nothing else added.

Less Wine 🙁 – One of the harder changes. I only generally drink wine twice a week when I’m out with friends but this needs to reduce too. Mostly because it makes me lethargic the next day- which isn’t conducive to fitness. It also makes me hungry… for pasta.

More Exercise – 5 times a week minimum (urgh, I’m already dreading this). The first few weeks are the hardest… Must remember that.

So here it goes, step one is raiding the supermarket and researching more tips and tricks to keep me on track. I’ll be posting the tips I found helpful, great food ideas and progress every few weeks.

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Watch this space.